ACoRN: Acute Care of at-Risk Newborns

2nd edition

Edited by Jill E. Boulton MD, Kevin Coughlin MD, Debra O’Flaherty RN, and Alfonso Solimano MD

The primary resource for the ACoRN program, an evidence-based, prioritized, systematic approach to neonatal stabilization. This text was developed by multidisciplinary experts and written for all newborn care providers regardless of discipline, level or facility.

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New in this book:

  • Updated knowledge and clinical practices, with changes to the primary survey and sequences informed by ACoRN workshops and practitioners.
  • Redesigned and streamlined chapters, with new tools and risk assessments to assist care providers.
  • Information from current practice guidelines and CPS position statements.

You’re consider ordering ACoRN: The Essential Guide, the companion guide for the ACoRN text, from the Canadian Paediatric Society.